July 2012 (3)

Sunday, July 15 2012

Tiny 'Nux Tarot: version 0.2 is out

I am pleased to announce the release of version 0.2 of Tiny 'Nux Tarot, aka TnT, which is also the first real public release. Presentation Tiny 'Nux Tarot is a tarot game written in Vala and using the Gtk+ library, distributed under the GNU General Public License. TnT also uses the card pictures  […]

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Saturday, July 14 2012

Some Tiny 'Nux Tarot screenshots


Here come some screenshots from the latest version of TnT, Tiny 'Nux Tarot, my project of tarot game written in Vala and Gtk+. The latest code can be downloaded from github; a tarball of version 0.2 should also be released soon. Select bid The first step is that all players select a bid. In this  […]

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So, I finally decided to create myself a blog and a webpage. Here, I plan to talk about computer stuff, and particurly about free software, and maybe more particularly about development – or maybe not, I'm not quite sure yet :). But I guess I will talk a bit about my current project, Tiny 'Nux   […]

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