In real life, my name is Élisabeth Henry (yes, with a 'É', because I'm french). So, some stuff about/from me:


Here is my resume, in french, if you are interested.


Some softwares (or pieces of, or beginning of, anyway) I have written, which may or not have an interest.

  • TnT, Tiny 'Nux Tarot, a small tarot game written in Vala and Gtk+. I speak of it sometimes on this blog.
  • ASpiReNN : a C library (with python bindings) fort Artificial SPIking REcurrent Neural Networks which I wrote when I was a Ph.D student. The code was pretty specific to the research subject of our team, so I am not sure it might interest that many people, but if that's the case, you might try to pick a look at the Doxygen documentation.


  • Writer-scripts is a repository of some small classes and scripts which might be useful if you want to write novels or short stories in french.
  • Pas tout à fait des hommes is a french fantasy novel I wrote using some of these scripts (well, for the formatting, not the *actual* writing process)