Here come some screenshots from the latest version of TnT, Tiny 'Nux Tarot, my project of tarot game written in Vala and Gtk+. The latest code can be downloaded from github; a tarball of version 0.2 should also be released soon.

Select bid


The first step is that all players select a bid. In this case, I chose to pass.

 Displayal of the dog


Next step is showing the content of the dog — not a very good one in that case.



Screenshot of a turn in the game. "Player 3" is displayed in blue because it's the player who started this turn, whereas "Player 2" is displayed in red, surrounded by skulls, because it is the player who took. Only 2 cards are displayed because I haven't chosen what to play yet.



At the end of the games, the scores are displayed. As you may notice, it is, at this stage, pretty ugly.

Dummy multi-player


Screenshot of a multi-player mode, in this case two players. It is very impractical because it is on the same computer, but maybe one day TnT will support networked play..