I am pleased to announce the release of version 0.2 of Tiny 'Nux Tarot, aka TnT, which is also the first real public release.


Tiny 'Nux Tarot is a tarot game written in Vala and using the Gtk+ library, distributed under the GNU General Public License. TnT also uses the card pictures from the Carpics project.


As the "tiny" in the name and the early version number suggest, its features are pretty limited but it should allow to play a basic four-player tarot game.

The current features of TnT are the following:

  • Basic tarot rules though special cases are missing ("poignee", "misere", "petit au bout", "garde sans")
  • Four-player (human or IA) only, but it's the most interesting.
  • Very basic IA.
  • Rudimentary GUI
  • Possibility to have multiple human players on the same computer.
  • And, more than probably, a few bugs...

A few screenshots are available in my last post, should you want to see how it looks.

 Download and install

A tarball release of version 0.2 is available for download at github and should be relatively easy to install on an up-to-date GNU/Linux distribution (via the standard "./configure, make, make install" process), provided you have the required libraries (that is, Gtk+3.x, libgee, and libvala) — by the way, I am interested in any feedback on whether you were able to install it or not on your machine. It is also possible to download the latest code via git, though it is a bit more complicated.


<liz.henry at ouvaton dot org>