The real problem I had with the default configuration of Gnome-shell, was its theme. That might seem completely trivial for people who had *real* and serious user issues, like having to press "tab" to click on power-off, but I'm not a big fan of black and white.

Now, there are a few Gnome-shell themes, but except its color schemes, I liked the default theme best. That's why I decided to make my theme, using the default theme and only replacing the white by purple (or pink, I'm not sure), which makes my desktop black and pink (or purple) instead of black and white, and that's so much cooler.

In case that interests people beyond me, you can download the tarball and uncompress it in you ~/.themes directory (you'll need the User Theme Extension to activate it).

And here's a screenshot:


On a side note, creating this theme was pretty easy: I just copied the contents of /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme to ~/themes/SegfaultPink/gnome-shell, opened the .css file in my favourite editor (as you can see on the screenshot, it's emacs), picked a color I liked, replaced all occurrences of white color with this color and all gray stuff with some variation on it. It was actually a bit long, repetitive and dull, which is frustrating because it would be easy to automatize, letting you choose any colour. Maybe I'll do some extension to do that one day, if I find the courage.